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Most of our doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers aspire to a career in science and research but no small number of them have doubts about how to build that career. Others want to gain a foothold in a field outside the sciences. So just how do you go about planning a career either inside or outside the academy? Both doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers find themselves in a paradoxical situation: on the one hand they are highly qualified, on the other hand no clearly defined career path lies before them. Both everything and nothing seem possible. Moreover, they are often left with no clear idea of their skills, aptitudes and wishes, and worry that they are essentially experts in a very small, specialized subject.

This is where our career development concept comes in: We take the issue of career development into account right from the beginning of our doctoral program or the start of the postdoc. We don’t use the term “career” in the sense of “higher, faster, further”, but rather as a development of personality, personal circumstances, academic qualifications and career paths. We offer professional career coaching, (dissertation) counseling, workshops, scientific soft-skill courses, mentoring, career orientation events, as well as plenty of opportunity for networking and exchange.

Dr. Anne Löchte is responsible for career development and counseling at the Berlin School of Mind and Brain. She is a certified career advisor, a systemic coach (Artop Institut at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, DBVC certified) as well as a behavior and communication trainer. Anne Löchte studied German language and literature, History and Philosophy and has worked in the academy for many years. In addition, since 2016 she has been heading the UniWIND group “Extra-university Careers for Doctorate Holders: The point of view of employers”. (UniWIND is the confederation of currently 59 universities engaged in the qualification of junior researchers‘  in Germany in before and after the doctorate.) Anne Löchte has been a member of the management team of the Berlin School of Mind and Brain since 2007.

Annette Winkelmann is responsible for the additional career measures executed under the header “Einstein Doctoral Programme 2017–2019”, using € 360,000 in prize money from the Einstein Foundation Berlin. Read more ...

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Dr. Anne Löchte
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Einstein Doctoral Programme 2017–2019 read more ...