Networking is a key element of building a career – whether inside or outside science.

The Berlin School of Mind and Brain offers graduate school members a variety of excellent networking opportunities on different levels. The events and formats are conducive to scientific interconnectedness and communication between the disciplines (see: Interdisciplinarity) as well as an interconnectedness and support which spans different status groups (master students, doctoral candidates, postdocs, faculty, international guests, management).

To that end we within the M&B community instigate, organize, support and publicize numerous social and scientific events: academic retreats, annual poster presentations, journal and methods clubs, excursions, academic soft-skills workshops, semester opening and closing events, graduation ceremonies, Monday salons, career talks, several public lecture series (including exclusive “Meet the Speaker” sessions for M&B doctoral candidates as part of the Distinguished Lecture Series), scientific workshops and international conferences (here and elsewhere), regular visits by our alumni, “current issues” seminars, travel awards for international students, individual study groups (such as “Brains with Minds”), promotion of associated individual researchers or entire research groups, institutional partners for international cooperation and exchange, international guest professors such as the Einstein Visiting Fellow, the KOSMOS fellows and scholars, and DAAD visiting professors.

Find the format that suits you best and make use of these opportunities!

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