Doctoral program

How to apply - and what to read first!

For information regarding your application, research proposal, potential supervisors, previous degrees, see Doctoral studies in Germany, FAQ Admission Mind & Brain, Application, etc.

For detailed information, please read the pages in this section carefully!

Queries about Admission

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The Berlin School of Mind and Brain offers ...

  • A three-year structured doctoral program “Mind and Brain” in English with a near-zero drop-out rate
  • Ample opportunities in research, education and training in one of Europe’s largest mind and brain research communities
  • A series of tailor-made courses (“teaching weeks”) on subjects relevant for interdisciplinary mind and brain research
  • Access to specialized scientific soft- and hard-skill courses
  • Assignment of at least two professorial thesis advisors – usually one from the brain sciences, one from the mind sciences, in order to ensure the interdisciplinary impact and support for your work
  • Regular meetings with leading international researchers at scientific meetings and international lecture series in Berlin
  • Research collaboration with master’s students of the two-track program “Mind and Brain” and with postdoctoral researchers
  • Travel support to attend national and international conferences
  • Journal and methods clubs
  • Academic retreats
  • Mentoring programs and coaching

What we do not offer:

  • Training for psychotherapy - you will not be able to practice as a psychotherapist after completing our program!


This page last updated on: 27 September 2019