Doctoral program

We are the first-prize winner of the “Einstein Doctoral Programme 2017–2019” competition for the best doctoral programs at Berlin universities!


The Berlin School of Mind and Brain offers ...

  • A three-year structured doctoral program in English,
  • Ample opportunities in research, education and training in one of Europe’s largest mind and brain research communities,
  • A series of tailor-made courses (“teaching weeks”) on subjects relevant for interdisciplinary mind and brain research
  • Assignment of at least two professorial thesis advisors – usually one from the brain sciences, one from the mind sciences, in order to ensure the interdisciplinary impact and support for your work,
  • Regular meetings with leading international researchers through the School’s own scientific meetings and international lecture series,
  • A number of scholarships,
  • Travel grants to attend national and international conferences,
  • Journal and methods clubs,
  • Academic retreats,
  • Access to specialized scientific soft- and hard-skill courses,
  • Career development opportunities,
  • Mentoring program, coaching, and counseling,
  • Partnerships with regional and international universities that are maintained for research and training exchange, joint conferences and workshops, and lab rotations,
  • A near-zero drop-out rate,
  • Doctoral education with the first-prize winner of the Einstein Doctoral Programme 2017–2019 competition for the best doctoral programs at Berlin universities,

... all of which leads to successful alumni careers.

How to apply

For information regarding your application, your research proposals, potential supervisors, required previous degrees, please see Application, Faculty, and Research.

For further information, please read the following pages carefully!


(Ms) Zarifa Mohamad, admission officer
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