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What would you like to know about Admission?

For information regarding your application, research proposal, faculty members available for supervision, requirements re. previous degrees, or similar, see our detailed information in the following sections:

FAQ Admission at the Berlin School of Mind and Brain
Faculty members available for supervision
Doctoral studies in Germany


The Berlin School of Mind and Brain offers:

  • A three-year structured doctoral program “Mind and Brain” in English with a near-zero drop-out rate.
  • Ample opportunities in research, education and training in one of Europe’s largest mind and brain research communities.
  • A series of tailor-made courses (“teaching weeks”) on subjects relevant for interdisciplinary mind and brain research.
  • Access to specialized scientific soft- and hard-skill courses.
  • Assignment of at least two professorial thesis advisors – usually one from the brain sciences and one from the mind sciences, in order to ensure the interdisciplinary impact and support for your work.
  • Regular meetings with leading international researchers at scientific meetings and international lecture series in Berlin.
  • Research collaboration with master’s students of the two-track program “Mind and Brain”, and with postdoctoral researchers.
  • Academic retreats.
  • Travel funds for national and international conferences.
  • Journal and methods clubs.
  • Access to mentoring programs and coaching.

We do not offer:

  • Training in psychotherapy - you will not be able to practice as a psychotherapist after completing our program!


This page last updated on: 03 May 2021