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The online application tool has now been closed! 

How to use the tool

Before you start with the online application tool:

(1) This is what the tool will look like when you click on the link for Online Application Tool below:

(2) You now need to register and continue. You can also revisit the site and log-in.

(3) This is what you see once you get to the entry page of the Berlin School of Mind and Brain

(4) You should also read the INSTRUCTIONS below before starting your application process. One you have done that:

(5) You can now start entering your data and information.

Link to Online Application Tool (inactivated!)


Students will be admitted by the School’s Scientific Council on the basis of a competitive, internationally open application procedure that starts with an online application and includes further steps. Please read the instructions below carefully before you start with the online application process!

(A) Before submitting your application

(1) Please read this advice by our faculty on how to apply successfully: open or download pdf (pdf 35 kb)

(2) Please read all information and instructions below carefully. If in doubt, please contact the admissions officer.

(3) Optional: By the end of November, contact a M&B faculty member who works in your area of research and who could (potentially) become your supervisor. Discuss your research proposal with him or her and get feedback on your proposal. (You will be able to name up to three potential supervisors in your application, but you will not necessarily have to have contacted them.)

(4) By 15 January: Have all your documents ready by the beginning of January and submit your application via our online application tool.

(B) When submitting your online application

(1) Important information!

(a) Please upload only:

  • PDF files
  • Do not password-protect or lock your files!
  • Please use only clearly indentifyable file names: YOUR NAME_content (e.g., Miller_cv.pdf)
  • Please do not insert spaces or special characters in the files names.
  • The max. individual size of files: 5 MB!

(b) The documents and information listed below will be required after you have registered for the ONLINE APPLICATION TOOL.

(2) Personal data

Your name, DOB, address, contact details, etc. as well as information on previous contacts with labs in Berlin (e.g., have you been working in a lab in Berlin during a lab rotation?).

(3) Proof of proficiency in English for non-native speakers

see Requirements

(4) German skills

Knowledge of German is not a prerequisite for doctoral studies at the School. We would, however, like to know your proficiency (if any) in the language.

(5) Your education history

Your education history includes listing your college/university degrees in chronological order and your:

  • Transcripts of records
  • Certificates/diplomas of studies completed
  • Research experience

(6) Research experience

Please describe your prior research experience (e.g. lab work, use of computer programs) and list your disciplinary background, methodological skills and research experience as well as research interests. If applicable: List your publications and teaching experience.

(7) Personal statement of motivation

You will have to state your motivation for participation in the Mind and Brain program. Please also describe your previous experience of inter- or transdisciplinary work at the interface of mind and brain research.
Please present and discuss your academic and career objectives. Be as specific as you can about your particular academic interests as well as about your previous experience of transdisciplinary work at the interface of mind and brain sciences. Beyond what is apparent from your transcripts, describe your preparation for the program of the Berlin School of Mind and Brain.

Please note: Your statement is an important part of the application. It should be clear, concise, well crafted, and written in English. Please use the field provided in the online application too (the space provided equals 1 page in Times New Roman 12 point, single spacing.)

(8) Research proposal

You will have to hand in a research proposal. The proposal must contain a detailed project idea and adhere to certain formal requirements.

For details, see Requirements!

(9) Mind and Brain research topic(s)

You will be asked to state with which research topic(s) listed on our website your research proposal relates to (for Mind and Brain topics see Research)

(10) Suggestions for supervisors

You will be asked to list suggestions for max. three supervisors. Each doctoral research project must be supervised by two experienced advisors. Usually, one of these advisors will have a “mind” background and the other a “brain” background, but that can vary and depends on the nature of your research project. At least one of the supervisors, preferably both, should be a member of the School’s Faculty. You will find a list of all available faculty members in the online tool. We recommend that you try to contact your potential supervisors for a personal talk or feedback before handing in the application.

(11) Recommendation letters

(a) You will need two recommendation letters from former supervisors or lecturers. Please send our guidelines for recommendation letters to your two referees. See the download links below under (c).

(b) You will have to enter their names and affiliations into our database during the online application process.

(c) Downloads:
References - download doc
(doc 30 kb)
References - download pdf
(pdf 23 kb)

(d) Please ask your referees to send a signed letter of reference (as a scan or pdf by e-mail, or by fax or post) to:

mb-admission-please remove this

+49 30 2093-1802 (attention of: Dr. Inken Dose)

Postal address:
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Berlin School of Mind and Brain
Dr. Inken Dose
Unter den Linden 6
10099 Berlin

(12) Finances/funding

Depending on the student’s individual profile and interest, funding will usually consist of a full scholarship (external or by the Berlin School of Mind and Brain) or a research/teaching post with one of the faculty members.
The Berlin School of Mind and Brain can only offer a limited number of scholarships. The amount is 1,150 Euro plus travel grants for conferences and workshops (by application). It is not a prerequisite for a successful application that applicants bring their own funding to the program. However, the School is unable to supply scholarships for all successful candidates. If applicants, therefore, have secured funding or are in the process of applying for funding (e.g., an external scholarship, or a research position with a faculty member) they should name their source of funding.
Please find lists with foundations that offer scholarships and search engines for scholarships for international and German students under Funding.

(13) Survey

We will ask you how you first learned about the Berlin School of Mind and Brain. Please select one of the options supplied. If none of the options apply, please tell us in the field “other” how you learned about our doctoral program.

This page last updated on: 31 August 2017

Admission officer

Dr. Inken Dose
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+49 30 2093-8105