Research responsibility (Good Scientific Practice)

My doctorate, my project - what do I need to do?

What am I allowed to do?

Quality of research is inextricably connected to good scientific practice. One of the core responsibilities of Dahlem Research School and Humboldt Graduate School is to promote research integrity as the basis of all academic work. Unfortunately, it is not enough to be an honest person. Self-plagiarism, usage of pictures, incomplete laboratory books etc. may violate the Code of Conduct or lead to breaches. From the very beginning of your doctorate we support you in evolving strategies and gaining confidence in conducting and presenting your research according to the standards of good scientific practice. This is why we developed a series of events called Research Responsibility.

Since 2014, Humboldt Graduate School and Dahlem Research School have been closely cooperating. This cooperation allows us to expand and vary our offers and tailor them to specific disciplines. The workshops are free of charge. All doctoral candidates of Freie Universität Berlin and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin are welcome to participate.

Below you can find the dates for the series at Dahlem Research School (DRS) and Humboldt Graduate School:

Follow this link to find the dates for the series at Humboldt Graduate School.

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