Scientific soft-skill courses

Doctoral candidates of the Berlin School of Mind and Brain will have to take four scientific soft-skill courses, developed and conducted in collaboration with Humboldt Graduate School and usually offered separately for natural sciences/life sciences and social sciences/humanities. These courses are also called key competencies courses, or transferable skills courses. They mean the same thing.

Verification of attendance is required.

Please note:
– Your registration with Humboldt Graduate School is binding!
– M&B has to pay approx. 230 € for each person/day.
– To prevent incurring costs for our program, participation must be cancelled at least 14 days in advance.
A short-notice cancellation owing to illness is only acceptable with a doctor’s certificate.
– The list of available workshops can be found here: HGS workshops
–  M&B doctoral candidates registered at Freie Universität Berlin may also register for Dahlem Research School courses.

Mandatory key competencies courses / soft-skill courses

(1) Scientific presentation, i.e. one of these: Scientific presenting / Presenting successfully in an academic environment / Slide writing & storylining / Scientific communication

(2) Scientific writing, i.e. one of these: Scientific writing / Academic writing / Professionalizing science research writing in English / Optimizing writing strategies for publishing researchin English / Writing abstracts / Writing review articles / Publishing research articles

(3) Grant-proposal writing

(4) Good Scientific Practice, i.e. one of these: Research responsibility / Data publishing / On doing sound and ethical science / Research data management / Effizienter und (plagiats)sicherer Umgang mit Fachliteratur (see also: link to internal webpage)
Humboldt Graduate School and Dahlem Research School offer a special series on the topic: Read more on the HGS website

Optional key competencies courses

Participation in other than the mandatory soft-skill courses offered by Humboldt Graduate School may be possible, but is subject to the availabiltity of M&B funding for this purpose.

Once you register, HGS will clear your participation in the courses listed below and other non-mandatory courses with the M&B management before confirming any of these courses to you.

– Just Landed: German science culture
– Communication in intercultural and interdisciplinary teams
– Media training
– Career management
– Project management / Get your things done / Getting started
– Didactics / Teaching skills for junior scientists
– Dissertation coaching
– Preparing for the disputation
– Business start-up courses
– Empowerment workshops
–  and more ...

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Contact for courses

Aleksandra Skoric
Humboldt Graduate School
Luisenstraße 56, R. 104

Courses on offer

Link to all courses at Humboldt Graduate School


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