Scientific soft-skill / key competencies courses

Doctoral candidates of the Berlin School of Mind and Brain will have to take four scientific soft-skill courses, developed and conducted in collaboration with Humboldt Graduate School and usually offered separately for natural sciences/life sciences and social sciences/humanities. These courses are also called key competencies courses, or transferable skills courses. These terms mean the same thing.

Verification of attendance is required.

Please note:
– Your registration with Humboldt Graduate School is binding!
– M&B has to pay approx. € 250 € for each participant per day.
– To prevent incurring costs for our program, participation must be cancelled at least 14 days in advance.
A short-notice cancellation owing to illness is only acceptable with a doctor’s certificate.
– The list of available workshops can be found here: HGS workshops
–  M&B doctoral candidates registered at Freie Universität Berlin may also register for Dahlem Research School courses.

Mandatory scientific soft-skill / key competencies courses

(1) Scientific presentation (first year). Pick one of these courses: Scientific presenting / Presenting successfully in an academic environment / Slide writing & storylining / Scientific communication

(3) Good Scientific Practice (first year). Pick one of these courses: Research responsibility / Data publishing / On doing sound and ethical science / Research data management / Effizienter und (plagiats)sicherer Umgang mit Fachliteratur

The quality of your research is inextricably connected to good scientific practice. In collaboration, Dahlem Research School (DRS, based at FU Berlin) and the Humboldt Graduate School (HGS, based at HU Berlin) promote research integrity as the basis of all academic work by offering a series of lectures on the topic. It is not enough to be an honest person because inadvertent self-plagiarism, the usage of other people's pictures and graphics, incomplete laboratory books, etc. may violate the Code of Conduct and lead to serious consequences for researchers. The above courses and lectures offered by DRS and HGS will support you in developing strategies and gaining confidence in conducting and presenting your research according to the standards of good scientific practice.

(3) Scientific writing (second year). Pick one of these courses: Scientific writing / Academic writing / Professionalizing science research writing in English / Optimizing writing strategies for publishing research in English / Writing abstracts / Writing review articles / Publishing research articles

(4) Grant-proposal writing (third year)

Optional scientific soft-skill / key competencies courses

Participation in other than the mandatory soft-skill courses offered by Humboldt Graduate School (HGS) may be possible, but is subject to the availabiltity of M&B funding for this purpose. (Remember: One course costs the school € 250 per participant per course day.)

Once you register, HGS will clear your participation in the courses listed below and other non-mandatory courses with the M&B management before confirming any of these courses to you:

– Communication in intercultural and interdisciplinary teams
– Media training
– Career management
– Project management / Get your things done / Getting started
– Didactics / Teaching skills for junior scientists
– Dissertation coaching
– Preparing for the disputation
– Business start-up courses
and others

This page last updated on: 31 October 2018