In cooperation with the Humboldt Graduate School, the Berlin School of Mind and Brain offers its doctoral candidates the opportunity to take part in two mentoring programs.

The Peer Mentoring program supports doctoral candidates still in search of an appropriate career path. It is tailored to doctoral candidates who do not yet know which direction to take after their dissertation. The core components of the peer mentoring concept are the moderated exchanges between the participants and the planning of a “Career Day”, to which the participants can invite professionals from interesting occupational fields.

The One-to-One Mentoring program supports doctoral candidates in their transition to the next career phase. It is tailored to doctoral candidates who already have an idea about their future careers. The core component is a temporary, supportive relationship between an experienced person (mentor) and a young talent (mentee). The mentor should be experienced in the field which the mentee would like to enter after the completion of their dissertation, e.g. academia or industry.

It is possible for doctoral candidates to participate in both of the above-mentioned programs. Your point of contact for both programs is Regina v. Schmeling of Humboldt Graduate School.

This page last updated on: 31 August 2019


Dr. Regina v. Schmeling (Tue, Wed)
Luisenstraße 56, Room 105a (ground floor)
Tel. +49 30 2093-1702