Travel grants  

Grants for conference travel and lab visits

Travel grants

Please take note of the school’s possibilities and regulations concerning travel grant support and travel applications:

  • The school will try to supply funding for conference travel if full financial support by supervisors is impossible.
  • Supervisors must always contribute to travel costs over 150 €.
  • Please note that owing to financial restrictions that may apply during the course of the financial year there is no guarantee that the school’s support will be possible in every single case, or up to the sum requested.
  • The school can only reimburse conference travel if you are an active member, i.e. if you present a poster or give a talk, supported by an invitation and afterwards a certificate/confirmation of attendance.
  • Exceptions may be made for the conference fees for annual/biannual meetings of professional organizations such as the DGPPN (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie, Psychosomatik und Nervenheilkunde), or similar.
  • SPM or other method courses are not eligible for travel reimbursement from the school's budget.
  • It is, therefore, paramount that you check your eligibility for a travel grant with us by handing in your travel grant application form before buying tickets or paying conference fees!
  • All travel grant requests for over 150 € must be passed on to Annette Winkelmann by the student’s supervisor (e.g., a scan of the signed form sent by e-mail; th original form by university post; the form delivered in person). Supervisors must declare the amount of their own financial contribution. Forms passed on by students themselves will not be accepted! (Forms have been sent out to candidates, but can also be requested from the management office.)
  • Travel grant requests for under 150 € may be passed on to Annette Winkelmann by students directly, but requests must still be endorsed by the supervisor’s signature. (Forms have been sent out to candidates, but can also be requested from the management office.)

After you have travelled:

  • Hand in original invoices/receipts/tickets. Trains: Should you travel on an electronic ticket, please print out your e-ticket and confirm your having travelled in writing, dated and signed. Reimbursements usually can only take place against original travel documents/receipts. With electronic flight tickets we will need your boarding passes.
  • Additionally, we expect (i) a min. 500-word report, or (ii) a print-out of your poster, or (iii) a print-out of your power point presentation to be able to authorize reimbursement.

In addition to the travel grants provided by the Berlin School of Mind and Brain and/or supervisors, doctoral candidates are advised to have a look at the following additional funding opportunities for conference travel and lab visits. Some of the websites are in German, so please get help from fellow students if you cannot read German.


The Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS) has several programs offering travel grants and stipends to young researchers. Grants and stipends are aiming at facilitating mobility and scientific exchange and provide scientists early in their career an opportunity to attend FENS meetings, FENS training courses and schools.

NENS exchange grants
These stipends of the Network of European Neuroscience Schools (NENS) are intended for Master and doctoral students registered within NENS member schools or programs. The Berlin School of Mind and Brain is a NENS member.
Applicants are expected to spend a period of one to three months at a NENS member school of their choice in a different European country for the purpose of methodological training.
Stipends cover travel and accommodation costs of up to 2,000 EUR.
Application deadlines: 15 February, 15 June, 15 October

German Academic Exchange Servie (DAAD): Kongress- und Vortragsreisenprogramm (conference travel grants)

Link to website

The DAAD supports conference travel (apply 4 months in advance) and lecture tours (apply one month in advance).

Dr. Jost-Henkel-Stiftung

Among other forms of research funding, the Dr. Jost Henkel Foundation provides one-time payments, such as travel grants for doctoral candidates of all fields. Further information in German is available here.


The Fazit Stiftung offers travel grants for doctoral candidates. Further information in German is available here.

Minerva Stiftung

Minerva Short-Term Research Grants are available for all subject areas and are open to applicants from all research facilities (in Israel - public or governmental research institutes) and universities in Germany and Israel. Applicants should not be older than 38 years. Further information is available here.

Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds (BIF): Travel grants

Link to website

For junior researchers pursuing experimental projects in basic biomedical research. For further requirements please refer to "Who can apply?"


  • to learn clearly-defined methods useful for your ongoing research and the work of your research group at home by visiting another laboratory, or by attending research-orientated courses including practical training (the practical part has to cover at least 50% of the course);
  • to enable graduates from abroad and their potential PhD supervisors to evaluate the scientific and personal prerequisites before embarking on a PhD thesis. To this end, the graduate student shall pursue a short project in his/her potential PhD supervisor’s laboratory for at least 4 weeks.
This page last updated on: 20 September 2018