24 May 2012 – 25 May 2012

2nd Einstein Fellowship Symposium on “Decision-making”

A London–Berlin meeting, organized by Raymond J. Dolan (London)

Joint meeting between fellows from London and Berlin, with the explicit goal to enhance interaction and collaboration between groups in London and Berlin. Organized by Professor R J Dolan, Einstein Visiting Fellow at the Berlin School of Mind and Brain and Director, Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging, University College London.

Invited presentations only!

Conference participation is still possible and free.


To register as a conference participant, please send an e-mail to: mb-einstein@hu-berlin.de

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The meeting is jointly funded and supported by:

Einstein Stiftung Berlin

Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging, University College London

Berlin School of Mind and Brain, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin


Thursday, 24 May 2012

9.20    Ray Dolan (London/Berlin) – Introduction


Chair – Ray Dolan

9.30 − 9.55    Douglas Garrett (Berlin) (Lindenberger group)
“Tuning signal variability in the human brain”

9.55 − 10.20    Fiona McNab (London) (Dolan group)
“Working memory capacity, distractor filtering and cortical dopamine receptor binding”

10.20 − 10.45    Florian Ostendorf (Berlin) (Dolan group)
“Predictive mechanisms involved in perceptual decisions across eye movements”

10.45 − 11.15     Coffee

11.15 − 11.40     Nikos Green (Berlin) (Heekeren group)
“From tug of war to horse racing: Deep brain stimulation reduces the influence of conflict on reaction times in perceptual decision making”

11.40 – 12.05     Zeb Kurth-Nelson (London) (Dolan group)
“Pre-commitment to delayed choice in humans”

12.05 – 12.30     Peter Mohr (Berlin) (Heekeren group)
“Neural foundations of the asymmetric dominance effect”

12.30 – 14.00    Lunch

Chair – Ulman Lindenberger

14.00 – 14.25    Marc Guitart-Masip (London) (Dolan group)
“Synchronization of hippocampal and prefrontal rhythms in human decision-making”

14.25 – 14.50    Soyoung Park (Berlin/Zurich) (Heekeren group)
“Adaptive coding of reward prediction errors is gated by striatal coupling”

14.50– 15.15    Judy Kipping (Leipzig/Berlin) (Villringer group)
“A cerebellocentric approach to brain parcellation”

15.15 – 15.45    Tea

15.45 – 16.10    Arezoo Pooresmaeili (Berlin) (Dolan group)
“Joint effects of stimulus value and saliency on human choice”

16.10 – 16.35   Christoph Korn (Berlin) (Heekeren group)
“Social feedback processing in East Asian and Western culture”

17.00 – 19.00    Foyer and Room 144 (both ground floor)

Friday, 25 May 2012


Chair – Hauke Heekeren

9.30 – 9.55        Jonathan Smallwood (Leipzig/Berlin) (Singer group)
“Making decisions with your future in mind: Examining the processes and functions of the daydreaming state”

9.55 − 10.20    Peter Smittenaar (London) (Dolan group)
“Dopamine enhances model-based over model-free behaviour”

10.20 – 10.45    Ulf Toelch (Berlin) (Dolan group)
“The integration of social and individual information”

10.45 – 11.15    Coffee

11.15 – 11.40    Ben Eppinger (Berlin) (Lindenberger group)
“Age-related impairments in learning to predict future rewards”

11.40 – 12.05    Marta Garrido (London) (Dolan group)
“Statistical regularity encoding in the human brain”

12.05 – 12.30    Dar Meshi (Berlin) (Heekeren group)
“How expert advice influences decision making”

12.30 – 14.00    Lunch

Chair – Dominik Bach

14.00 – 14.25    Alex Schäfer (Leipzig/Berlin) (Villringer group)
“Connectivity clusters in human brain graphs”

14.25 – 14.50    Robb Rutledge (London) (Dolan group)
“Reward prediction errors explain changes in subjective wellbeing during decision making”

14.50 – 15.15    David Wisniewski (Berlin) (Haynes group)
“Predicting decisions in a dynamically changing environment from activation patterns in the dorso-medial prefrontal cortex”

15.15 – 15.45    Tea

15.45 – 16.10    Molly Crockett (London) (Dolan group)
“Pavlovian and instrumental processes in strong reciprocity”

16.10 – 16.35    Rosalyn Moran (London) (Dolan group)
“Just do it. Just hear it. Just get over it … A trilogy of neuromodulators with common functionality in cortical circuits?”


Markus Bauer (London) (Dolan group)
“Cholinergic modulation of neural oscillations and visual processing in the human brain”

Marcos Economides (London) (Dolan group)
“Context driven changes in action control”

Thomas Fitzgerald (London) (Dolan group)
“Action-specific value signals in the brain”

Mona Garvert (London) (Dolan group)
“Social influence on decision making”

Tanja Herlt (London) (Dolan group)
“A simple paradigm to investigate the neural basis of reward and expectation in the absence of learning”

Quentin Huys (London) (Dolan group)
“The neural mechanisms underlying decision tree pruning”

Raphael Köster (London) (Dolan group)
“Overvaluing our own creations: The role of belief”

Simone Kühn (Berlin) (Lindenberger group)
“Brain areas consistently linked to individual differences in perceptual decision making in younger as well as older adults before and after training”
Vera Ludwig (Berlin) (Walter group)
“The effects of hypnotically induced food aversion on reward processing: a functional magnetic resonance imaging study”

Michael Moutoussis (London) (Dolan group)
“Characterising cognitive development as a basis for computational psychiatry”

Gabriela Rosenblau (Berlin) (Heekeren group)
“Behavioural and neural assessment of implicit and explicit social cognition

Nicolas Schuck (Berlin) (Lindenberger group)
“Reconfiguration of instructed task-sets based on incidental learning of ‘irrelevant’ information”

Nikolina Skandali (London) (Dolan group)
“Reward and subjective well-being: how choices and outcomes affect happiness”

Max Philipp Stenner (London) (Dolan group)
“Visual processing of self-attributed action effects”

Nick Wright (London) (Dolan group)
“Option evaluation and action selection in choice between multiple risky options”



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