27 June 2013, 09.00 – 17.30

“Social cognition”

One-day workshop (six public lectures)

09:00-9:30 Dr. Frank KRÜGER (George Mason)
“Title to follow”
09:30-9:50 Discussion
10:20-10:50 Dr. Isabel DZIOBEK (Berlin)
“Title to follow”
10:50-11:10 Discussion   

11:40-12:10 Prof. Dr. Tobias SCHLICHT (Bochum)
“Social skills, mirror neurons and enactive representations”
12:10-12:30 Discussion
13:50-14:20 Dr. Leonhard SCHILBACH (Köln)
“Toward a second-person neuroscience: An interdisciplinary approach to social cognition”
14:20-14:40 Discussion   

15:10-15:40 Dr. Grit HEIN (Zürich)
“Uncovering different motives of prosocial behavior”
15:40-16:00 Discussion
16:30-17:00 Dr. Kirsten VOLZ (Tübingen)
“Title to follow”
17:00-17:20 Discussion



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