31 October 2013, 18.30 – 20.00

Mind-Brain Lecture: Isabel Dziobek (Berlin)

“Can you train the brain to be social? Lessons to be learnt from

Host: Michael Pauen

The accurate understanding of others’ emotions and thoughts as well as the
feeling with and for others are important predictors for successful social
interactions. But how do we ascertain what goes on in others¹ minds and how
do we tune into others’ emotions? Moreover, what is the neuronal basis for
those capacities and can we train the brain to be social? In this talk I
will consider those questions by presenting studies that were conducted in
my group over the past years focusing on social cognition and empathy in
individuals with autism spectrum conditions and personality disorders. Given
that those psychiatric conditions involves core, and sometimes selective,
deficits in social cognition, they represent valuable models for
understanding behavioral correlates and brain underpinnings of cognitive and
emotional facets of empathy also in typical development.

Isabel Dziobek, http://www.loe.fu-berlin.de/zentrum/personen/nwgl/isabel_dziobek/index.html

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