31 July 2014 – 01 August 2014

4th Einstein Visiting Fellowship Symposium on “Decision-making”

London–Berlin meeting organized by Raymond J. Dolan

Symposium programme (download pdf 250 kb)
Symposium poster (download pdf 250 kb)

Joint meeting between fellows from London and Berlin, with the explicit goal to enhance interaction and collaboration between groups in London and Berlin. The meeting is organized by Professor R J Dolan, Einstein Visiting Fellow at the Berlin School of Mind and Brain and Director, Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging, University College London.


Thursday, 31 July 2014

9:00–9:10    Welcome address by Raymond J. Dolan
9:10–9:30    Robb Rutledge: A computational model of economic decision making across the lifespan
9:30–9:50    Mona Garvert: Learning-induced plasticity in medial prefrontal cortex predicts preference malleability
9:50–10:10    Lorenz Deserno: Ventral Striatal Presynaptic Dopamine Modulates Behavioral and Neural Signatures of Model-Based Choices
10:10–10:40    Coffee
10:40–11:00   Thomas FitzGerald: Model averaging, inference and habit formation
11:00–11:20    Yulia Oganian: Foreign language effects on decision biases: Is the framing effect abolished by second language use?
11:20–11:40    Dominik Bach: Modelling behavioural inhibition in a human approach-avoidance task
11:40–12:00    Laurence Hunt: Information search strategies during multi-attribute choice
12:00–13:00    Lunch
13:00–13:20    Stephen Fleming: A computational approach to insight
13:20–13:40    Philipp Schwartenbeck: Changes in behaviourally relevant beliefs are encoded in the dopaminergic midbrain
13:40–14:00    Molly J. Crockett: Selfless valuation of pain in moral decision-making
14:00–14:30    Tea
14:30–15:10    Andreea Diaconescu: Connectivity among “Theory of Mind” Regions reflects Social Inference Computations
15:10–15:30    Francesco Rigoli: The influence of contextual reward statistics on risk preference
15:30–17:30    Poster & cold drinks (Anatomy building, Waldeyer-Haus, in the park behind Luisenstraße 56, link to map)

Friday, 1 August    

9:00–9:20    Christian Stoppel: Representations of motivated behavior – shared neural resources for attention and reward
9:20–9:40    Max-Philipp Stenner: Local field potentials in human Nucleus accumbens show no sign of reward prediction error coding
9:40–10:00    Ulf Toelch: Normative and informational influences on conformity re-evaluated in a computational framework
10:00–10:30    Coffee
10:30–10:50    Marcos Economides: Practice makes perfect: Task training recovers model-based reasoning under load
10:50–11:10    Giles Story: Human preferences for fairness in the allocation of pain
11:10–11:30    Peter Smittenaar: Self-control across age, gender, depression and education assessed through a smartphone game
at 11:30    Ray Dolan: Concluding remarks

Afternoon/evening: Excursion (invited guests only)

Registration for conference participation

The number of seats is limited. To register as a conference participant (listener), please send an e-mail to: mb-einstein@hu-berlin.de

Required details for registration:

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The meeting is jointly funded and supported by

Einstein Stiftung Berlin

Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging, University College London

Berlin School of Mind and Brain, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin