15 October 2014 – 18 October 2014

M&B Travel Awards 2014

Program now online

In the course of the day: Individual arrival
Check-in at your accommodation (Hostel Citystay or Aletto Jugendhotel
18.30    Welcome and get to know each other
20.00        Get-together at the bar Zosch
Venue: Tucholskystraße 30, 10117 Berlin

Venue: Berlin School of Mind and Brain, Humboldt Graduate School building (HGS), Luisenstraße 56, 10117 Berlin
10.00–10.45    Introduction to the Berlin School of Mind and Brain
10.45–11.00    Coffee break
11.00–12.00    Guided campus tour (Campus Nord)
Meeting point: Entrance hall (11.00 sharp)
12.00-13.00    Introduction to the doctoral program (continuation)
13.00–14.30    Joint lunch break at the university cafeteria (Mensa Nord)
Meeting point: Entrance hall
14.30–16.00    Introduction to the School’s teaching weeks: “Neuroimaging – Who Cares?”
Professor Dr Niko Busch
Meeting with doctoral students
16.00–16.30    Coffee break
16.30–17.45    Individual meetings with M&B faculty members OR group discussion with M&B faculty members
 rofessor Dr Isabel Dziobek (Social Cognition),
Professor Dr Martin Fischer (Embodied Cognition)
Professor Dr Felix Blankenburg (Somatosensory processing, conscious and unconscious perception)
Professor Dr Manfred Krifka (Language)
18.15    Welcome by academic directors Professor Dr Michael Pauen and Professor Dr Arno Villringer
18.30    Semester opening lecture by Professor Dr Marcel Brass (KOSMOS Scholar)
“Does it matter whether we believe in free will or not?”
The talk will be followed by the official semester opening.

09.30–10.30    Meet and greet with M&B management team and guided tour Berlin School of Mind and Brain and Humboldt Graduate School
10.30–10.45    Coffee break
10.45–11.30    Q&A doctoral program
11.45–12.30    Visit to the EEG lab of the working group Visual Cognition
12.30–13.30    Meeting with doctoral students and joint lunch
13.30–14.00    Individual finance meetings (reimbursement)
14.00–15.00    Introduction to career counselling, mentoring program, and family support
15.00–16.00    Coffee break / Individual meetings with financial assistant
16.00–17.30    Postdoc speed dating with M&B postdoctoral researchers
Maximilien Chaumon, Ph.D. (Cognitive neuroscience)
Dr Lena Kästner (Philosophy)
Anna Kuhlen, Ph.D. (Cognitive and social psychology)
Richard Moore, Ph.D. (Philosophy and cognitive science)
Arezoo Pooreesmaeili, MD, Ph.D. (Medicine)
17.30        Farewell

Saturday, 18 October 2014
10.00    Hostel Citystay/Aletteo Jugendhotel, check out by 10.00
Time for sightseeing/Departure
Please note:
Please feel free to make appointments with faculty members also on Wednesday or other times as the proposed group discussion on Thursday (e.g. lunch or coffee breaks).