11 October 2017, 18.00 – 21.00

Paul Baltes Lecture 2017: Kevin Warwick (Coventry)

“Neural implants for therapy and enhancement” (lecture will take place at BBAW)

Abstract: Starting with a quick look at Biohacking, implants connected into the brain can be employed both for therapeutic purposes and also for enhancement. Here a look is taken at present and future uses of cochlea implants, visual neuroprosthetics and deep brain stimulation. But also considered is the possibility of growing brains by culturing neurons and through this learning about structures and possible treatments. Finally the BrainGate implant is looked at not only for therapeutic uses but also for enhancement of human brain functioning, in order to extend the human nervous system across the internet and to create new forms of communication.


No registration needed. All are welcome!



Berlin-Brandenburgische Academy of Sciences (BBAW)
Akademiegebäude am Gendarmenmarkt
Markgrafenstraße 38
10117 Berlin