22 May 2019, 18.15 – 20.00

Guest lecture HU Philosophy: Ophelia Deroy (Munich/London)

“Trusting our senses: a new internalist take on reliabilism”

hosted by Michael Pauen, Philosophy of Mind

Abstract: How does perception justify beliefs? A major proposal here is that the question can be diffused by the fact that perceptual processes are overall reliable means to acquire information About the environment. However, this response does not seem to satisfy our internalist demand that the believer should be able to access and even report why he trusted his perception. Here I argue that evidence from Cognitive neuroscience on metacognition shows that we  have such an access - and will defend this internalist version of reliabilism against possible empirical and conceptual shortcomings.I will conclude on the fact that the most pressing question to ask is not “shall we trust our senses?” But “which senses shall we trust more?

All are welcome.



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