03 December 2020, 16.00 – 17.30

SCIoI Distinguished Speaker Series via Zoom: Naomi Leonard (Princeton)

“Opinion Dynamics with Tunable Sensitivity: Consensus, dissensus, and cascades”

SCIoI Distinguished Speaker Series via Zoom

We are excited to announce this Fall’s Distinguished Speaker Series at Cluster of Excellence Science of Intelligence (SCIoI):

  • Thursday 29 October 11:00am–12:30pm: Giovanni Pezzulo, ISTC-CNR Rome, Italy: “Human sensorimotor communication during human joint action: experimental and computational perspectives” (Hosted by Verena Hafner)
  • Thursday 26 November 4:00–5:30pm: Michele Rucci, University of Rochester,USA: “Seeing by moving: the indissoluble bond between perception and action” (Hosted by Marianne Maertens)
  • Thursday 3 December 4:00–5:30pm: Naomi Leonard, Princeton University, USA: “Opinion Dynamics with Tunable Sensitivity: Consensus, Dissensus, and Cascades” (Hosted by Joerg Raisch)
  • Thursday 17 December 4:30–6:00pm: Patricia Churchland, University of California, San Diego, USA: “Title to be announced” (Hosted by Rasha Abdel-Rahman)

Zoom links to be announced.

To attend a lecture, register here: https://www.scienceofintelligence.de/attending-talks
or write to: communication-please remove this text-@scioi.de