18 March 2021, 17.00 – 18.30

Scholar Minds Event: “Becoming Aware Through Mindfulness”

Part of International Brain Awareness Week. Please register!

Scholar Minds is a PhD initiative based in Berlin which focuses on mental health during the doctorate. Their mission is to help other PhD students to achieve a better mental health and work-life balance. Pursuing a doctorate is an exceptional time with great opportunities like investigating a phenomenon no one ever did before or discussing your research with new people from all over the world. But are you aware that this exceptional time also harbors exceptional dangers to your mental health? Are you aware that you as a PhD student are six times more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression? During the event, the team will raise participants' awareness on mental health struggles related to their doctorate and introduce a tool to become more resilient: mindfulness. Mindfulness is a simple meditation tool that can help you to increase mental well-being.

For this event, the team is joined by mindfulness expert Dr. Simón Guendelman (HU Psychology and Berlin School of Mind and Brain) who will present the concept and latest findings from (neuroscientific) research.

Register here: https://forms.gle/YpwcfRBkGGxy6Yhu5

Link BAW event site: https://www.brainawareness.org/event/becoming-aware-through-mindfulness/

More about Scholar Minds: www.ecn-berlin.de/mental.../scholar-minds-184.html