17 May 2018 – 19 May 2018

Conference: Watch Your Bubble!

Interdisciplinary art exhibition and conference. Registration required!

Registration required!
Website & Registration: watchyourbubble.de

Bubbles is a group of artists, curators, psychologists, philosophers, and neuroscientists who promote an interdisciplinary exploration of the nature, diverse expressions, and implications of the phenomena of bubbles, at the individual and social level.

The interdisciplinary art exhibition and conference Watch Your Bubble! engages the bubble as a metaphor to knowledge formation, individual and social identity. Across the disciplinary boundaries of philosophy, social psychology, neuroscience and aesthetics, the project considers the complex origins of social and personal identities as constitutive processes of demarcation and delimitation. Within the framework of an exhibition, conference and related events, the project explores the interface between these varied studies and promotes the productive exchange between the arts and sciences.

Core organizational team of the conference:
Vittorio Gallese, Laura Kaltwasser, Luca Settembrino, Simón Guendelman (Berlin School of Mind and Brain)

Curators of exhibition:
Nicole Loeser, Muriel Gallardo Weinstein

Exhibition Opening:
Wednesday 9 May 2018

10 May - 23 June 2018

17-19 May 2018
Registration required!



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Dr. Laura Kaltwasser
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