Changes due to COVID-19  

Changes to the admission process in 2020 due to COVID-19

Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic there will be a number of the changes to the admission process of the master’s program Mind and Brain in 2020.

Currently (18 May 2020), there are no changes with regards to (a) the documents required and (b) the form in which they will have to be supplied during the aplication process.
> You will find detailed information about required documents on our Admission webpage.

Changes in a nutshell:

(1) New application period: 2 June – 15 July 2020

(2) In 2020, there will be no subject tests.

Thus, the admission will be based on the applicant’s bachelor grade point average (GPA). Applicants can improve their GPA by 0.1 (10 %) if they provide confirmation of previous on-the-job-training or work experience of at least 900 hours within the past 3 years.
> For details s. section “Grade-based selection process 2020” on the Selection process webpage .

(3) Requirements regarding credits still outstanding when applying:
German and international students can apply even if until the completion of their degree they are missing up to 60 ECTS on their transcripts.
> For details s. section “I. Requirements for Admission” on the Admission webpage.


This page last updated on: 04 June 2020