Results Application 2022  

Results Application 2022

The results of the application process for the Mind and Brain master’s program 2022 will be available end of July 2022 at the latest.

It is not possible to inform individual applicants earlier. All applicants will receive either an admission or rejection notification through their online application accounts at the same time.

Applicants won’t receive an email explicitly informing them of their admission or rejection but this information will be conveyed through the online application accounts: Applicants will receive an email that there is new information available in their online accounts they should look up.

International applicants:

In the course of the application process Uni-Assist will inform international applicants whether they forwarded their applications to Humboldt-Universität or not.

When international applicants receive a positive notification that their application has been forwarded they should contact the German embassy in their country to get an appointment for visa application after end of July 2022.

It is not necessary for the arrangement of such an appointment that applicants have been admitted to the program but Uni-Assist’s forwarding notification is sufficient. The admission information has to be provided only at the date of the appointment itself. For this reason the appointment should not be scheduled before end of July 2022.

But international applicants should not wait for the final admission information to schedule the visa appointment because usually they will have to wait for such an appointment several weeks and thus might receive their visa too late to arrive in Germany for the semester start which in our program is 1 Oct 2022.

This page last updated on: 06 July 2022