Timeline applications 2019  

Timeline applications 2019

Application period

1 – 31 May 2019

After reviewing the applications, we will invite the 75 applicants with the best GPA for a subject test.

For detailed information about the selection process, read more here:

Invitation to take subject test 2019

We have sent out the e-mail letters of invitation for the subject test on 5 July 2019, 18.00 hrs.

If you do not receive an e-mail with an invitation then you were not invited to take the test. We will not send an extra e-mail to applicants not invited.

Invited applicants living/resident in Germany, Switzerland, Austria

Invited applicants living/resident in Germany, Switzerland, Austria have taken the subject test in Berlin on 13 July 2019.

All other invited applicants

For all other applicants we will organize a test location in their country of residence. Tests have take place in July 2019.

Once you have been invited and told us where you currently live we will start to search for a test location and check back with you regarding the exact date and time of your test.

Please find information on the subject tests here:

Final decision on admission

You will receive the final decision on whether you have been accepted into our program by mid-August 2019.

Late admission without subject test

Please note that applicants who initially have not been invited to take the subject test still may get admitted on the basis of waiting time. This means that applicants with a high number of waiting semesters still have the chance to get in. They will not have to write the subject test.

Please find information on the waiting time for admission here:

Visa for students who took the test

Especially applicants coming from countries with time-consuming visa procedures – e.g., Iran, most countries on the African continent, and some countries in South America – will have to contact the German embassy for an appointment soon after mid-August 2019. You must not wait until you receive the definitive information that you have been accepted because it may be too late by then to get a visa in time for the start of the program!

Please turn to the respective German embassy on the basis of the letter you have received from Uni-Assist (pdf attachment in their e-mail to you, starting with the subject field: Your application number xxxxx) which confirms that you have turned in a complete and valid application for our program. (we would like to repeat: Please insist that the embassy supplies you with a visa appointment on the basis of this letter. If you and they wait until you get the final confirmation it may be too late to get a visa before the start of the program.)

Start of teaching period

The teaching period for master cohort 2019 will start at on 30 September 2019.


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