14 June 2018

Application deadlines: Doctoral candidates with secured funding + One DAAD doctoral scholarship for best international student

One deadline for both: 15 July 2018, 23:59:59 hrs CEST. For participation in doctoral program 2018-2022

The deadline 15 July 2018 applies to students with secured funding (e.g., a scholarship, a stipend, or a research post with a faculty member).

Please note: Funding must have been secured (we will ask for proof) before 15 July!

How to apply

Please read the instructions under Requirements, How to: Successful application, Additional deadline: 15 July and ONLINE APPLICATION.


Interviews following the deadline 15 July usually take place in early September. Invited applicants will receive reimbursement for all or parts of their travel expenses.


16 July - 16 August 2018

All complete applications will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee. The Committee comprises members of the different disciplines represented in our School, and parity of mind and brain scientists is integral for the composition of this committee. The Committee will request by members of the Faculty a number of reviews for each student research proposal received.

Mid August 2018

The Admissions Committee discusses and evaluates all applications together with the respective Faculty reviews and shortlists invitees for a personal interview in Berlin.

Late August 2018

If an application was favorably reviewed, students will be invited to Berlin for a personal interview and project presentation before the Scientific Council.

Late August / early September 2018

For the personal interview and the project presentation students should prepare a 10-minute power point presentation, covering only very briefly your most recent academic work and education and focusing mainly on their doctoral research proposal. This presentation will be followed by a short discussion with the members of the Scientific Council.

Further information

(Ms) Zarifa MOHAMAD
mb-admission-please remove this text-@hu-berlin.de
Tel. +49 30 2093-8105