03 November 2010

Berlin Brain Days 2010

1–3 November 2010 Edvard Moser (opening lecture), Lutz Birnbaumer, David Colman, Richard Miles, Eero Simoncelli, Tor Wager, and 15 Ph.D. talks

Award Winners 2010

Best Talk

1st prize: Jens Baron (Learning and Memory), Go1 protein subunit alpha as an important regulator of the dopaminergic system crucial for survival

2nd prize: Soyoung Q Park (Mind and Brain), Neurobiology of value integration: When value impacts valuation

3rd prize: Anna Maslarova (Medical Neurosciences), How does the M-type potassium channel affect excitability in the epileptic entorhinal cortex?

Best Poster

1st prize: Katja Blazej (Medical Neurosciences), Characterization of the LysM-CrexIKKsfl/fl mouse

2nd prize: Sabrina Lee (Medical Neurosciences), Impact of apoptosis repressor with caspase recruitment domain (ARC) protein delivery on stroke outcome

3rd prize: Jorge Jaramillo (Computational Neuroscience), A model for inheritance of hippocampal phase precession: From CA3 to CA1