16 September 2011

Berlin Brain Days 2011

7–9 December 2011 Keynote lectures by Bradke, Fairhall, Grill-Spector, Lüscher, Markowitsch, Pessoa, Soreq

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Berlin Brain Days 2011 poster (pdf 336 kb)


Talks and poster: 15 October (extended from 30 Sep)
Participation: 1 November

Keynote speakers 2011

Christian Lüschel (opening lecture), Frank Bradke, Adrienne Fairhall, Kalanit Grill-Spector, Hans Markowitsch, Luiz Pessoa, Hermona Soreq, and 18 Ph.D. talks


The Berlin Brain Days 2008, 2009, and 2010 were a great success, and the cooperation of the six Berlin neuroscience training programs will continue in 2011.

The format of the Berlin Brain Days

•    Thematic breadth across the various neuroscience sub‐disciplines
•    Involving international and national experts
•    Providing ample opportunity for doctoral students to present their research in talks and posters
•    Active support by Berlin faculty as hosts and juries

There will be six sessions, each with one keynote speaker and three thematic doctoral talks.

Please note: Doctoral students wishing to give a talk in one of the six sessions will have to attend an obligatory, advanced two-day training course in “How to present my topic to an interdisciplinary audience”.

Course dates: 18 November (Day 1) and 1 or 2 December (Day 2). SAVE THE DATES!

Session Organizers

International Graduate Program Medical Neurosciences (EXC 257)
Berlin School of Mind and Brain (GSC 86)
GRK 1589 Sensory Computation in Neural Systems (Bernstein Center)
GRK 1123 Learning and Memory
Helmholtz International Research School Molecular Neurobiology
International Graduate School Languages of Emotion (EXC 302)