23 September 2010

Habitus in Habitat III. Synesthesia and Kinaesthetics

Conference, 22–24 October 2010

Zentrum für Literatur- und Kulturforschung, Berlin

In cooperation with:
Berlin School of Mind and Brain
Kolleg-Forschergruppe Bildakt und Verkörperung an der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Hosted by the project Emotion and Motion.

Synesthesia and Kinaesthetics - Third conference in the series Habitus in Habitat

This conference will address Synesthesia and Kinaesthetics as two key concepts for the understanding of the interface of habitat and experience, of engaging, presenting and perceiving phenomena of habitus as a component of a shared environment. Synesthesia and Kinaesthetics will strive to engage questions of sensual embedded interaction and their habituations – and moreover it will expand this interdisciplinary inquiry to questions about the sociality and the cultures of sensory habitus.
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Program (link to latest update on conference website)

Friday, 22 October 2010

12.00 Conference Opening
Sabine Flach/Jan Söffner (ZfL), John Michael Krois (Forschergruppe Bildakt und Verkörperung), Arno Villringer (School of Mind and Brain)

12.30–15.00 Phenomenologies of Synaesthesia
Chair: Stefan Willer (ZfL)

Richard Cytowic (Washington): Illuminating What Is Hidden. The Synaesthete’s Creative Mind

Hinderk Emrich (Hannover): The World of Synaesthesia. Subjectivity and the Brain – Constructivity and Synthesis

Karl Clausberg (Lüneburg): Scrolled Voices. Synaesthetic Encounters of a Different Kind

15.30–18.30 Feeling and Cognition
Chair: Alex Arteaga (Berlin)

John Michael Krois (Berlin): Image Schemas in Intermodal Perception

Sabine Flach (ZfL): Feel the Feeling. Media-Installations as Laboratories of Senses

Aikaterini Fotopoulou (London): The Transitional Body. Insights from Anosognosia for Hemiplegia and Somatoparaphrenia

Paul K. Cumming (Munich): Synaesthesia as a Natural Aberration of Sensory Pathways. Evidence from Functional Brain Imaging Studies

19.00 Art Presentation
Mind Chatter by Kate Hollett (Toronto)

Saturday, 23 October 2010

10.00–13.00 Embodied Enaction
Chair: Rebekka Hufendiek (Berlin)

Dan Hutto (Hertfordshire): Understanding Synaesthesia, Radically Enactively

Caroline Jones (Cambridge, MA): Embodiment and Experience

Jörg Fingerhut (Berlin): Sensorimotor Signature, Skill, and Synaesthesia

Felix Blankenburg (Berlin): Somatosensory Information Processing

14.30–17.00 Spatialities
Chair: Daniel S. Margulies (Leipzig)

Heinz Paetzold (Kassel): Experiencing the Urban Environment in Its Atmospheric Characters

Michael Schwab (London): Making Connections. An Artistic Investigation into the Abstract Nature of Inhabited Space

Isabelle Moffat (Berlin): Spatial Thoughts: Abstraction, Architecture, Language

17.30 Modernities
Chair: Franck Loric (Berlin)

Gerhard Scharbert (ZfL): “Correspondences” – Synaesthesia, Senses, and Modernity

Wolfgang Ernst (Berlin): The Temporal Gap. On Asymmetries within the So-Called “Audiovisual” Regime (in Sensory Perception and in Technical Media)

Ditte Lyngkær Pedersen (Århus): Why Is Green a Red Word?

Sunday, 24 October 2010

9.30–12.30 Framing Synaesthesia
Chair: Maureen Jeram (Berlin)

Jennifer Barker (Atlanta): The Ethics of Synaesthetic Cinema

Robin Curtis (Berlin): Learning to Live with Abstraction. Filmic Reception and Sensory Intermodality

Sven Spieker (Santa Barbara): Indifferent Affect – On Sensations in Art

Jan Söffner (ZfL): Synaesthesias of Reading. Rilke’s Cross-Modalities

14.30–17.00 Cross-Modal Kinaesthetics
Chair: Einav Katan (Berlin)

Katrin Solhdju (Siegen/Brussels): Horse-Riding, Bird-Dancing, Dog-Keeping. Isopraxis Inter-Species

Stefan Koelsch (Leipzig): Music, Movement, and Congition

Gabriele Brandstetter (Berlin): “Listening ...” Kinaesthetic Awareness in Comtemporary Dance

Jan Söffner
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soeffner [at] zfl.gwz-berlin.de

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