06 December 2018

M&B Poster Presentations 2018: The Winners

Magdalena Matyjek, Sophia Rekers and Esra Al

Congratulations to our winners, to their supervisors, collaborators, and mentors, and thanks to all doctoral candidates, Master students, postdocs and our friends from UCL who presented their posters and/or contributed to this wonderful event (our 12th poster presentations!) by discussing and voting for posters.

First prize
MAGDALENA MATYJEK (Cohort 10/2016)
Supervisors: Isabel Dziobek, Rasha Abdel Rahman
Poster title: "Autistic traits modulate brain responses to rewards"

Second prize
SOPHIA REKERS (Cohort 11/2017)
Supervisors: Carsten Finke, Hauke Heekeren, Sabine Müller
Poster title: "Spatial navigation beyond episodic memory: From real-world to Virtual Reality"

Third prize
ESRA AL (Cohort 10/2016)
Supervisors: Arno Villringer, Felix Blankenburg
Poster title: "Somatosensory detection and localization across the cardiac cycle"