14 November 2016

M&B @ SfN 2016 in San Diego

12–16 November. Find us at booth #4017. Many posters and talks by M&B members.

Meet Berlin School of Mind and Brain members at Neuroscience 2016 (SfN) in San Diego:

Saturday, 12 November

1:00 – 5:00pm
Halls B-H

Ryszard Auksztulewicz  (M&B alumnus) on
“Sensory expectation of time and space is modulated by task relevance: evidence of neural and behavioral effects from model-based EEG”
(Presentation 85.03 / GGG15, within Session 085 - Human Cognition: Temporal Processing 1)

Corinde E. Wiers (M&B alumna) on
“Striatal dopamine transporter availability decreases throughout the day in healthy volunteers”
(Presentation 63.11 / NN10, within Session 063 - Cortical Hemodynamics)

Bianca van Kemenade (M&B alumna) on
“Neural correlates of perceiving audiovisual consequences of voluntary movements”
(Presentation 56.18 / EE2 within Session 056 - Reaching Control: Action and Sensation)

Sunday, 13 November


Halls B-H, 8:00 - 12:00pm

Christian L. Ebbesen (M&B doctoral candidate) on
“Vibrissa motor cortex activity suppresses contralateral whisker movement” (Presentation i49.05 / FF7, within Session i49 - Somatosensation: Whisker System)

Halls B-H, 1:00 - 5:00pm

Mostafa. N. Abdelhamid (M&B doctoral candidate) on
“Air-Track: A real-world environment for active sensing in head-fixed mice” (Presentation 244.11 / PP15, within Session 244 - Multi-Sensory Integration: Circuits and Development)

Monday, 14 November

1:00 - 5:00pm
Halls B-H

Bianca van Kemenade (M&B doctoral alumna) on
“Neural correlates of multisensory action predictions investigated with a custom-made passive movement device”
(Presentation 437.16/VV22 within Session 437 - Cortical Planning and Execution:  MRI)

Tuesday, 15 November

Booth #4017, 10:30am
Bianca van Kemenade (M&B alumna, Philips Universität Marburg)

Halls B-H, 8:00 - 12:00pm

Mathis Kaiser (M&B doctoral candidate) on
“Oscillatory EEG activity in the ventriloquist illusion”
(Presentation 532.14 / AAA4, within Session 532 - Multi-Sensory Integration: Crossmodal Processing in Humans I)

Jakub Limanowski (M&B doctoral alumnus) on
“Early multisensory comparison and integration in peri-hand space”
(Presentation 532.06 / ZZ10, within Session 532 - Multi-Sensory Integration: Circuits and Development)

Ida Momennejad (M&B doctoral alumna) on
“Better in sequence: The role of task similarity in encoding and executing planned task sequences”
(Presentation 637.26 / Ilh7, within Session 637- Human Cognition and Memory III)

Grand Ballroom, 6:45 - 8:45pm
Helmut 0. Kettenmann (M&B faculty member) as a Special Guest within Session SOC26 Neuron-Glia Interactions Social

Wednesday, 16 November


SDCC 30B, 8:00am - 12:00noon
Helmut O. Kettenmann (M&B faculty member) as Chair of Session 664.00 Microglia in Nervous System Diseases

SDCC 1B, 10:30 - 10:45am
Martin. N. Hebart (M&B doctoral alumnus) on
“Decoding the temporal evolution of task and stimulus-related brain signals” (Presentation 667.11, within Session 667 - Representation of Features and Objects Along the Ventral Stream)

Halls B-H, 1:00 - 5:00pm
Kathrin Tertel (M&B doctoral candidate) on
“Markov-chain roving-like paradigm reveals bayesian surprise in somatosensory mmn” (Presentation 842.07 / KKK38, within Session 842 - Perception and Imagery: Perception and Related Predictions Across Different Modalities)

Daniel. S. Margulies (M&B doctoral alumnus) on
“The orientation of regional expansion in the human cerebral cortex” (Presentation 778.10 / 03, within Session 778 - Comparative Anatomy)