22 March 2016

Queen Square Symposium, London, 27 May 2016

M&B docs: apply now! Deadline: 15 April

We continue our poster presentations’ exchange program with our partner, the Institute of Neurology (IoN) at UCL, and offer four M&B doctoral students the opportunity to present their posters at the annual Queen Square Symposium in London. The symposium brings together MSc and doctoral students across diverse neuroscience domains, including clinical, cognitive and computational scopes of study. It offers students at the IoN an invaluable opportunity to showcase and discuss their research.

Terms and conditions:
M&B will reimburse the cost for the flight (up to 120 €) plus accommodation for two nights.

Deadline for applications:
15 April 2016

Please follow the guidelines for the abstracts listed below.

Format: Word document (.docx or .doc) – No other formats accepted (including .pdf); all text in Arial, 11 pt; all regular formatting, unless Latin nomenclature (e.g. in vivo; a priori).

Length: Maximum 250 words, excluding affiliations.
Text alignment: Left.

Categories: Neurodegenerative and Neuromuscular Diseases; Multiple Sclerosis; Imaging; Electrophysiology; Motor Neuroscience and Movement Disorders; Behavior, Cognition, Decision-making and Reward; Language and Speech Perception.

Category – Title – Authors – Affiliations (in italics) – Background – Aims – Methods/Materials/ Patients (delete as appropriate) – Results – Conclusion

We recognize that some students may lack sufficient results or data to present. If this is the case, we strongly encourage students to nonetheless submit. The results section may be used for instance to predict the potential outcome of your experiments; what you could have done differently; and to reflect on your research.

Please note:
Should there be more than four suitable applications, applications by candidates who were engaged in extracurricular M&B activities (e.g., M&B student representation, Brain Awareness Week, Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften, teaching assignments) will be prioritized.

Please submit your application to:
mb-cooperation-please remove this text-@hu-berlin.de