14 December 2015

The Winners, Poster Presentations 2015

Luke Tudge (1st prize), Leonie Klock (2nd prize), Tomás Goucha (3rd prize)

The prize winners of the Poster Presentations 2015 are (right to left):

First prize

Luke Tudge (Cohort 7, 2013)
“Control of eye movements: the role of task preparedness in the inhibition of distraction”
(Co-author: Torsten Schubert)

Second prize

Leonie Klock (Cohort 6, 2012)
“Who is thinking: neural correlates of an altered sense of authorship of thoughts”
(Co-authors: Martin Voss, Markus Weichenberger, Norbert Kathmann, Simone Kühn)

Third prize

Tomás Goucha (Cohort 5, 2011)
“How language shapes the brain: cross-linguistic differences in structural connectivity”
(Co-authors: Alfred Anwander, Angela Friederici)

Congratulations to all winners, to their supervisors and collaborators, and thanks to all students who presented their posters and/or contributed to this event by discussing and voting for posters! A special thanks goes to our guests from UCL and Touro College Berlin.
Photos will be posted on Facebook.