Children and family  

Children and family

Family room

Humboldt Graduate School has a family room for use by doctoral candidates, conference visitors and staff with children. It has a cosy area for children and their minders, with a cot, a sofa, toys, etc., and is equipped with two desks, one with a PC (internet and W-LAN access is available by application).

To book the family room and internet/W-LAN access, please contact Humboldt Graduate School Management Office, (030) 2093-1720, hgs-office-please remove this

For members or visitors of the Berlin School of Mind and Brain: to book baby sitters or child minders, please contact Laura Viefhues on mb-office-please remove this or (030) 2093-1707.

Location: Humboldt Graduate School, Luisenstraße 56, Haus 1, North Wing, 1st Floor, Room 219.

Scholarship holders with children

The Berlin School of Mind and Brain offers financial support to doctoral scholarship holders with children.

For detailed information on these regulations, please contact Annette Winkelmann (

Support for doctoral students with children

The School offers advice and support for doctoral students with children. For an appointment, please contact Dr. Anne Löchte on mb-careers-please remove this

KidsMobil child care service

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Humboldt-Universität Family Office

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