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Einstein Visiting Fellow

The Einstein Visiting Fellowships, funded by the Einstein Foundation Berlin, aim to enhance the international profile of universities and research institutions in Berlin by involving leading scientists and scholars from abroad in long-term academic research collaborations. The program primarily targets researchers whose expertise can promote specific areas of academic excellence in Berlin. In contrast to typical visiting researchers who stay at an institution for one semester, the goal of the Einstein Visiting Fellowship is to integrate Fellows into Berlin’s academic landscape on a more sustainable basis.

Raymond J Dolan (Einstein Visiting Fellow 2011−2014) succeeded in establishing an enduring and successful partnership between scientists and research institutions in Berlin and the University College London in the field of “Decision-making”.

Jesse Prinz as Einstein Visiting Fellow (2015–2019) will examine questions around “consciousness”, “emotion” and “values”.

Vittorio Gallese (Einstein Visiting Fellow 2016-2018, application until 2020 under review) will look into the “socio-cultural practices and the development of identity”.


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