Structured postdoctoral program

To facilitate the promotion and career development of its postdoctoral members and to support their transition to the next postdoctoral level such as research group leaders, junior or tenured professorships, the Berlin School of Mind and Brain (M&B) provides a structured postdoctoral program. In addition, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Charité University Medical School and the other Berlin universities offer support in many directions.

Currently (February 2017), we are not advertising any postdoc funding opportunities for this program. Should you be interested in joining with your own funding, please contact Annette Winkelmann to find out about the terms and conditions (see Contact persons).

Scientific meetings as networking events

Enhance your international visibility and networks through conferences, workshops or talks that you initiate, organize and host at M&B (see examples)

Do you have an idea for a workshop, a conference, or a talk that you wish to host while at M&B? Would speaker(s) and topic appeal to more than a very small number of people at the Berlin School of Mind and Brain?

  • M&B would like to financially and administratively support your scientific meetings.
  • Apply to our Steering Committee to obtain approval for your conference/workshop/talk proposal and budget: Download application form (doc).
  • Annette Winkelmann will advise on (preliminary) budgets.
  • After your application has been positively assessed by the Steering Committee, Annette Winkelmann will advise on third-party grant applications, conference organization, and project accounts.

Contact: Annette Winkelmann, mb-manager-please remove this text-@hu-berlin.de

Research and/or conference grant applications

Get support for your third-party grant applications, get advice on budgeting (see also above)
Contact: Annette Winkelmann mb-manager-please remove this text-@hu-berlin.de

Scientific exchange and monitoring (“Brown Bag Meetings”)

We hold monthly informal meetings for all groups based at Luisenstraße 56 (groups Busch, Dziobek, Finke, Gallese, Pauen, Prinz, Villringer) and all M&B postdoctoral researchers whether located here or elsewhere: dates and further information (internal link)
Contact: Dr. Ulrike Lachmann, ulrike.lachmann-please remove this text-@charite.de

Career development

We hope to support your career by developing with you a timeline, a strategy, networks, or supportive mentoring relationships. This is achieved by providing:

  • Career counseling
  • Mentoring programs
  • Workshops and courses
  • Collegial advice and coaching

Contact: Dr. Anne Löchte, anne.loechte-please remove this text-@hu-berlin.de
More information here

Travel grant support

We are able to offer generous travel grants to those members of the postdoctoral program who are financed directly by M&B.
Contact: Annette Winkelmann, mb-manager-please remove this text-@hu-berlin.de
More information here

Research responsibility (Good Scientific Practice)

More information

Key competencies (Scientific soft-skill courses)

More information

Development of teaching skills and/or a teaching portfolio

Contact: Dr. Anne Löchte, anne.loechte-please remove this text-@hu-berlin.de

Individual consultation

Contact: Dr. Anne Löchte, anne.loechte-please remove this text-@hu-berlin.de

Family support

More information

Equal opportunity measures

More information

Central advice office for young researchers at Humboldt-Universität

Career advice, advising for third-party funded research and scholarships, announcements and information for science awards, young laureates and networks Website with further information on services and scholarships/awards, postdoc portal, blog, newsletter website

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin competetive funding opportunities website

Scientific Officer Young Researchers: Dr. Uta Hoffmann, uta.hoffmann-please remove this text-@uv.hu-berlin.de

Funding opportunities through Einstein Foundation Berlin

Einstein International Postdoctoral Fellow

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