The Luise 56 “Brown bag meetings”

The brown bag meetings are intended to foster mutual interest, acquaintance, cooperation, and collaboration between all members of the M&B postdoctoral program as well as those scientists working at Luisenstraße 56. This includes the members of the Villringer, Pauen, Finke, Dziobek, Gallese, and Prinz groups, postdoctoral, and M&B doctoral candidates who have desks at Luisenstraße. The idea is that we meet on every first Wednesday of the month (if possible) for one hour and show each other our work. There will be two impulse presentations (max. 10 minutes each) about current projects plus a discussion.

Dates for meetings 2017/2018

Usually, we meet on the first Wednesday of the month. Meetings start at 12.30 sharp (ends at 13.30).

  • 1 November, Room 122. Responsible group: Finke. Presenters:
  • 6 December, Room 122. Responsible group: Pauen. Presenters:

    The definition of a “Brown Bag Meeting”

    An informal meeting that takes place over lunch. This type of meeting is called a brown bag meeting because participants provide their own lunches (in some countries brought in a brown paper bag). Participants in a brown bag meeting are allowed and expected to eat whatever food they bring during the meeting. Brown bag meetings are not limited to the business world; they may also be used by universities, for example, as a casual way to host a speaker or hold a discussion during students’ lunch hour.

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    Coordination scientific exchange and monitoring

    Dr. Ulrike Lachmann (AG Villringer)
    ulrike.lachmann-please remove this text-@charite.de