Postdoctoral position

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Deadline: 14 March 2014

Terms and conditions for this position

  • Position is to start as soon as possible,
  • Position is available for 2 years from individual starting date,
  • If applicable, position will be located in suitable working group of M&B faculty* member,
  • *applicants may but are not obliged to establish contact with groups beforehand (link to Faculty)
  • Position is stipend-based,
  • Stipend amounts is age-dependent and come to (average) 1,550 euros per month,*
  • *until 30 years of age: 1,365 + 103 (allowance for other costs) = 1,468 euros per month; from 31 till 34 years of age: 1,416 + 103 (allowance for other costs) = 1,519 euros per month; from 35 till 38 years of age: 1,467 + 103 (allowance for other costs) = 1,570 euros per month; from 39 years of age: 1,518 + 103 (allowance for other costs) = 1,621 euros per month
  • Stipend holders must make their own health insurance arrangements,
  • Child allowance of 400 Euro for the first child under 12 years of age and 100 Euro for each further child younger than 12 years of age,
  • The school will make available annual conference travel funds of up to 3,000 euros per stipend holder (depending on research committee decision),
  • Paid teaching assignments may be available for up to 1,800 euros per year (some teaching at Master’s level will be expected),
  • Funds are available for the organization of workshops and for networking activites, mentoring, academic soft-skill courses (through the school’s postdoctoral program),
  • Position published on 14 February 2014. Applications received within four weeks after publication (14 March) will be assured full consideration.
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Lifespan development and brain plasticity

Contact and applications:
(Ms) Anahit Babayan
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