Research Training Group (RTG) 2386 “Extrospection. External access to higher cognitive processes”


Pauen, Michael

Steering committee

Pauen, Michael (chair, speaker)
Fink, Sascha Benjamin (PI)
Daniels, Anna (Junior researchers’ representative)
Mende, Dirk (administrative coordinator)
Villringer, Arno (speaker, Berlin School of Mind and Brain)

Administrative coordination

Mende, Dirk

Finances and personnel

Winkelmann, Annette

Equal opportunity & diversity faculty representative

Kaltwasser, Laura

Junior researchers’ representative

Daniels, Anna

Admissions committee

Chair: Pauen, Michael
Equal opportunity & diversity faculty representative:
Kaltwasser, Laura

Dziobek, Isabel (PI)
Filevich, Elisa (PI)
Fink, Sascha Benjamin (PI)
Haynes, John-Dylan (PI)
Kaltwasser, Laura (PI)
Lyre, Holger (PI)
Pauen, Michael (PI)
Perler, Dominik (PI)
Villringer, Arno (PI)
Walter, Henrik (PI)


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