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Doctoral candidates  

Doctoral candidates

Doctoral project
Prof. Dr. Isabel Dziobek 
Reading mental states of others versus self – the case of autism  
Doctoral projectReading mental states of others versus self – the case of autism
DescriptionI aim to investigate if reading others’ and own mental states is a common process in neurotypically developed individuals and in individuals with autism spectrum disorder. Research suggests that there are shared neural activations and mental processes for mentalizing about others and the self in neurotypicals. Regarding the case of autism, it is known that inferring others’ mental states is altered, and first evidence shows that access to own mental states might be hampered, too. The study of autism may thus shed further light on the question if mindreading in self and others is one common process or two distinct processes.
FundingRTG position
SupervisorsProf. Dr. Isabel Dziobek
RTG topicsTopic 4: Introspection, extrospection and denial of privileged access in psychiatry
Topic 6: Extrospective assessment of emotion in self and other and their neural correlates
Topic 10:  Levels of extrospection in psychiatry
Degrees obtained
InstituteDepartment of Psychology, AG Social Cognition, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
StatusDoctoral candidate
E-mailkatharina.boegl-please remove this text-@hu-berlin.de