Research Training Group (RTG) 2386 “Extrospection. External access to higher cognitive processes”


Doctoral research positions (= for students with a completed Master's degree)

(1) Full doctoral members of the RTG 2386 will be provided with three-year salaried positions. For the reights and duties of candidates on salaried positions vs. scholarship holders, see: Scholarships (internal link to M&B Doctoral Program).

(2) We will also accept externally-funded doctoral members. These researchers will have to bring their own funding to the RTG. Normally, potential externally-funded doctoral candidates apply with the same deadlines as all other candidates. If you have queries about the procedure, please contact: mb-extrospection-please remove this

There will be no further application periods until 2023.


This page last updated on: 31 March 2022