Travel in the RTG 2386

(A) Travel Grant Application Form

Download .doc file here (form last updated: 12 April 2022)

(1) The filled-in and fully-signed form should be sent to: mb-manager-please remove this

(2) Add additional lines to the form, e.g., if needed to explain your travel route.

(3) If you plan a trip, please fill in the Travel Grant Application form, add the relevant information about the conference, workshop, etc. which you plan to attend, get it signed by your supervisor and turn it to the management office.

(4) The RTG will financially support your trips only if you are an active participant, i.e. if you present (talk or poster) at a conference, or in another setting. Short-term or long-term lab visits (where you will play an active role as a researcher) are also possible.

(5) Please attach to your application only the relevant pages of conference programs, showing dates, location, start/end of conference, and your contribution/session in the program, if applicable.

(6) Links to conference webpages and pdf files with extensive conference programs will not be accepted.

(7) Please do not send lots of separate files but compile into one or two pdfs, as suitable.

(8) Please note that the Federal Travel Expenses Act (Bundesreisekostengesetz BRKG) and the uses and implementation provisions in the form of organizational guidelines apply to your application. Therefore, you are obliged to hand in and get signed (by your supervisors) a separate Travel Authorization (Dienstreisegenehmigung) from your university. You are legally required to have your trip authorized before departure even if the RTG 2386 will finance your trip.

(B) CO2 compensation

DFG (German Research Foundation, our funding agency), in accordance with federal government requirements, asks that we compensate for the CO2 footprint for each trip.

At the end of each year, the RTG 2386, from its funds, will buy CO2 certificates to compensate for all your trips. 1 ton of CO2 costs at least €30 in certificates (climate scientists agree that certificates below €30 are a sham). Note that if you travel by train your CO2 footprint can be offset against the CO2 saved!

DFG and the German Federal Environment Agency require Gold Standard certificate vendors. Quality certificates cost at least 30€/ton CO2. (E.g., the Gold Standard tree sellers Bauminvest sell their certificates at €31/ton CO2). In implementing CO2 compensation, the DFG follows the approach of the German government. This means that the emissions generated by air, car and rail travel are determined using a CO2e calculator recommended by the Federal Environment Agency. The term CO2e (CO2 equivalent) is used as a unit of measurement to standardize the climate impact of the various greenhouse gases. One CO2 certificate can be purchased for each ton of carbon dioxide equivalent emitted. These certificates must come from projects that have been certified under UN rules under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) or meet equivalent standards. (At the Federal Environment Agency, it specifically says: Gold Standard).

(C) Websites to use

EUROPEAN Flights: Airport X – Airport Y
(1) Total number of flight hours (outbound and return) – Europe* (check your flight hours:

* There are different emissions and costs to be calculated per ton CO2 when using European or Transcontinental flights.

(2) Calculate CO2:

TRANSCONTINENTAL Flights: Airport X – Airport Y
(1) Total number of flight hours (outbound and return) – Transcontinental*. Check your flight hours:

* There are different emissions and costs to be calculated per ton CO2 when using European or Transcontinental flights.

(2) Calculate CO2:

RAIL Travel: Rail station X – Rail station Y
(1) Calculate total number of kilometers (outbound and return):

(a) To calculate your kilometers, please download and install “Entfernungsrechner” (zip) from these webpages: or (TBNE is the organization of federally owned and non-federally owned railroads in Germany, EVG the railway union.)

(b) You may also list your CO2 from the following page (without downloading Entfernungsrechner):
However, this means that you will not be able to offset your CO2 usage with CO2 saved by using the link under point (2).

(2) Calculate Tons CO2used / Tons CO2 saved:

(D) Additional notes

(1) When booking hotels, you should:

(a) ... make sure that your booking is registered as Dienstreise / Geschäftsreise (business trip).
Why? Because otherwise the hotel will charge you the City Tax for tourists, and City Tax is not refundable.

(b) ... provide the hotel with an office adress for the invoice, not your private address.
Why? Because otherwise costs for breakfast cannot be reimbursed.

(2) With your reimbursement application you will have to supply a conference/workshop/lab visit report of no less than 500 words or your poster (pdf file) or your talk slides. Reimbursements for travel/conference fees are strictly only possible within six months of travelling/attending (cf. (Federal Travel Expenses Act - Bundesreisekostengesetz BRKG).

(3) Please also attach a copy of your Travel Authorization (Dienstreiseantrag) - see point A(8) above.

(E) Travel Grant Expenses and Reimbursement Form

Download here (version dated 17 Januar 2022)


This page last updated on: 17 May 2022