Program details 

Program details

Here you will find a breakdown of modules/courses detailing the corresponding credit points and contact hours per week over a given semester. The breakdown outlines a course of studies that is ideal-typical but not mandatory.

The core of the master’s program Mind and Brain is made up of nine modules (1—neuroanatomy and neurophysiology, 2—cognitive neuroscience, 3—basic research methods, 4—ethics and neuroscience, 5—clinical neuroscience, 6—philosophy of mind, 7—language and the brain, 8—empirical research training, 9—neuroimaging). Seven out of the nine modules have to be to be taken in the first and second semesters, each of which consists of a lecture and a more in-depth seminar.

Mind-Track students are required to take modules 3 (basic research methods) and 8 (empirical research training) and Brain-Track students are required to take modules 8 (empirical research training) and 9 (neuroimaging).

The focus themes (module 10) and the research consolidations (module 11 and 12) follow on from the mandatory courses and build on them further. In the course of these modules students can – according to their area of specialization – select from courses that the master’s program “Mind and Brain” offers in collaboration with the Charité University Medical School, the Humboldt-Universität Institute of Psychology, Institute of Philosophy and Institute of Linguistics.

In or at the end of the second and third semesters students must complete one of the following, depending upon their area of specialization: a Lab Rotation (13—Track Brain – area of specialization: psychology or neuroscience); development of a research project with a tutor (Track Mind – area of specialization: philosophy) or a professional internship (13—Track Mind – area of specialization: academic management).

If the voluntary semester abroad is an option for students, then it is to be taken in the third semester. The courses taken during this semester are devised and agreed upon together with the international partners involved, in order that the appropriate courses can be set up with these partners.

The total number of credits that must be obtained is 120.

Program outline

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Master’s Program Coordinator:

Dr Dirk Mende
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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
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