Neural Mechanisms of Psychedelic Drug Actions

Hybrid ECN Speaker Series June - November 2024

Dear Berlin neuroscience community,

We are excited to announce the continuation of our talk series, "Neural Mechanisms of Psychedelic Drug Action 2024". This student-run series is supported by the Einstein Center for Neurosciences Berlin (ECN).

It will run on Thursdays from June until November at the HU Campus Nord.

The lecture hall is at Humbold-Universität zu Berlin, Institute of Theoretical Biology, Campus North, Philippstrasse 12, Haus 4, Hörsaal 4.

Our carefully selected group of international speakers will explore the fascinating world of psychedelic neuroscience and probe the mechanisms underlying their effects on mood, cognition, and perception.

The event is free, and will also be offered in hybrid form for those who wish to join remotely on Zoom.
Please write to us for a Zoom link.

We look forward to seeing you!

The organizing committee:
Anna Bronec (anna.bronec(at)
Kasey Devitt (devittkasey(at)
Sarah Duverdin (sarah.duverdin(at)
Eric Lonergan (eric.lonergan(at)
Timo Torsten Schmidt

Thu 20 June
Eline Pottie - Ghent University
In-Vitro Characterization of 5-HT2A
Receptor Agonists by NanoBiT Assays

Thu 27 June
Jesper L Kristensen - University of Copenhagen
Discovery and Applications of Selective
Serotonin 2A Receptor Agonists

Thu 11 July
Deborah Mash - University of Miami
Ibogaine and Noribogaine: Mechanisms and
Therapeutic Potential as Addiction Medicines

Thu 29 August
Romain Hacquet - University of Toulouse

Thu 19 September
Dráulio de Araújo - Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte

Thu November (tba)
Matthew Johnson - Johns Hopkins University

Free Admission - Hybrid Event

Institute of Theoretical Biology, Philippstrasse 12, Haus 4, Hörsaal 4, Berlin 10115, Germany


Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Institute of Theoretical Biology
Campus North
Philippstrasse 12, Haus 4
Hörsaal 4
10115 Berlin