The Newsletter issues below present the research conducted by our doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers as well as the careers of our alumni:

Alumni Careers - Newsletter IX 2019 (pdf 2,2 MB)
A much more comprehensive Alumni Careers Issue

The First Ten Years - Newsletter VIII 2016 (pdf 3,3 MB)
The First Ten Years presents a wide variety of researchers and research at M&B

Alumni - Newsletter VII 2014 (pdf 50 kb)
A first Alumni Issue

Human sociality - Newsletter VI 2012 (pdf 450 kb)
M&B topic Human sociality and the brain

Brain plasticity & Brain disorders and mental dysfunction - Newsletters IV & V 2011 (pdf 439 kb)
M&B topics Brain plasticity and lifespan ontogeny &
Brain disorders and mental dysfunction

Decision-making - Newsletter III 2011 (pdf 396 kb)
M&B topic Decision-making

Language - Newsletter II 2010 (pdf 367 kb)
M&B topic Language and the brain

Consciousness - Newsletter I 2009 (pdf 382 kb)
M&B topic Conscious and unconscious perception

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