Career events 

Career events, workshops/courses, opportunities

During the current period of the national excellence initiative (2018-2025), all courses and services offered by the Berlin member universities of the Berlin University Alliance (BUA) will be open to all membes of these institutions.

Please note:
(1) Many courses will be free for you and at no cost to M&B. You can go ahead an book them.

(2) Some courses, though free for you, will have to be paid for by M&B and thus need to be approved beforehand by M&B. Please check with the course organizers whether costs will be incurred for M&B before booking your courses. For these courses you will have to get our go-ahead.

Direct links to the course offers of the BUA graduate centers (BUA also has a newsletter with events which we will forward to you):
Dahlem Research School, FU
TU Center for Junior Scholars
Humboldt Graduate School, HU, News and online offers
Humboldt Graduate School, HU, Transferable skills courses
Berlin University Alliance

General list of career-related courses (not all of them will be available at any one time):

  • Annual career days
  • Mentoring programs: one-on-one and peer mentoring
  • Career development courses / opportunities
  • Career coaching
  • Plan B courses (careers outside the Academy)
  • Career networking events
  • Getting started on your PhD events / courses
  • Transition funding
  • University departments dedicated to professional continuing education (Berufliche Weiterbildung)

Upcoming career events

Two talks on Wed 22 November 2023, at 16.00 and 16.30
Alumni lecture series and social with snacks and drinks afterwards in the BCCN yard/seminar room:
At 16.00 (CEST) Jan Ostermann (née Herding), Tiplu GmbH
What to do after my PhD? From frustration to Start-ups and the German 'Mittelstand'
More info and abstract:
At 16.30 (CEST) Gina Grünhage, societec
How to be successful outside of academia
Venue: BCCN Berlin, lecture hall, Philippstr. 13 Haus 6
More info and abstract:
Venue: BCCN Berlin, lecture hall, Philippstr. 13 Haus 6, 10115 Berlin

Once a month from December 2023: Alumni Career Talks
From December, a group of graduate schools will offer Alumni career talks for doctoral candidates from the Natural and the Life Sciences in the Berlin metropolitan.
Frequency: Once a month, every 2nd Thursday of the month at 17.00.
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Past career events?

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