Einstein Doctoral Programme 2017−2019 

Einstein Doctoral Program 2017–2019: 1st Prize

Support for careers at Master’s, doctoral, postdoctoral levels

In January 2017, the Berlin School of Mind and Brain (M&B) won the first prize in the “Einstein Doctoral Programme 2017–2019” competition for the best doctoral programs at Berlin universities. See press release Einstein Foundation Berlin.

With the help of the “Einstein Doctoral Programme” prize, M&B aims at opening up new opportunities for promoting junior researchers and further structural developments.

Given that the transition phases currently are the most critical periods for the careers of junior researchers and that they have been neglected so far even by structured programs, we decided to let them take center stage in our proposal to the Einstein Foundation Berlin. In doing so, we hope to support all groups of M&B researchers below professorship in making the most of the scientific, personal, and institutional challenges of the transitional phases (e.g., development and expansion of subjects, perhaps re-orientation; new supervisors, advisors, or mentors; best subsequent position, etc.) and give them individually-tailored infrastructural assistance.

The “Einstein Doctoral Programme 2017–2019” prize consists of € 360,000 for three years.

Measures to be financed by the prize 2017–2019

(1a) For M&B Master’s students
Next deadline: 30 April 2019
Annual M&B Master’s Awards 2017–2019

(1b) For external Master’s students interested in the M&B doctoral program
Next deadline: 20 May 2019, 23:59:59 hrs CEST
Extended travel awards 2017–2019

(2) For M&B postdocs
No further deadlines, program line completed
One-year stipends

(3) For M&B doctoral alumni
Next deadline: Any time
Extended research stays in Berlin 2017–2019

(4) Accompanying research
No further deadlines
One three-year doctoral scholarship 2017–2020


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